In a fast paced world -

  • our jobs 
  • relationships 
  • general lifestyle 
  • overload of information
  • lack of ‘me time’
  • and the pressure of difficult decisions and choices we have to make 

can lead us to be stressed and overwhelmed.  Stress can cause mental health problems, and make existing problems worse, especially if you often struggle to manage feelings of stress and anxiety.

Expressing yourself through poetry enables you to be free to be you and to find your voice, without criticism or someone’s bias. You can relax and release stress as you find yourself unwinding in the words and enjoying the sentiments because YOU have chosen them.  

Poetry can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle armoury in a fast paced, competitive and busy world, where one is seeking for ways to combat and cope with life’s challenges.  

This form of creativity can help you to: 

  • think more clearly, 
  • unravel a clouded and busy mind 
  • and bring clarity to decision making, 
  • giving you the confidence to make the right choices for you.

The pharmacist Eli Griefer, who was also a poet, offered people poems on prescriptions and eventually created "poemtherapy" groups at hospitals. People facing adversity use poems as a coping mechanism, such as soldiers Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen, known as the War Poets, who are referenced in higher education. Then there's the incredible "I have a dream..." speech by Dr Martin Luther King Junior, the Civil Rights Leader whose word mastery motivated generations. 

By no means a modern phenomenon, since thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians wrote words down on papyrus and dissolved them in liquid as a medicine to heal their sick. 


Your Coach


I  have  worked in the corporate sector for thirty years, mainly in  high pressured  sales and  sponsorships. Speaking to a diverse range of people especially  ’C’ level executivues, as  well as  in  my own life  journey has given me real insights into the emotional strain and stress levels that  many  people go through, compounded by the complexities of external relationships, with  family  friends  and  partners.

As a published and performance poet, reciting poetry at events including  at The House of Lords, as well as on the international stage, poetry has become an integral part of my life. The performing and the writing is pleasure enough, however the real joy always comes from the impact on and the feedback from the recipients.  This moved  me  to  start looking  at  how  I could  develop  poetry  to  help  people, without  it  being  clinical  or  used  in formal  therapy..

I learned how to reduce stress through the use of poetry as a coping mechanism and with coaching includes relaxation techniques. Poetry has helped me to express emotions whilst enjoying my creativity and I have used it through my tumultuous young adult years, through to adulthood and raising a family, as well as through decades of pressure of working in a target driven sales role.

Having  developed  a  deeper interest  in areas  like  around anxiety,  stress  and things  that  affect  productivity  and performance,  I became  a  certified Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) , and learned  that  every one of us has difficulties; can become anxious, depressed and stressed etc,  whether we recognise or acknowledge these feelings.

As a poetry health coach I aim to help others to use poetry and the power of words to find their voice without the walls of clutter surrounding their heart and mind, to have fun and to step outside of their circumstances into the exciting world of creative self expression.

Your journey begins with both of us, as I lead you into this exciting new world  and it ends with your freedom to be you.  

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As a poetry Health coach, please note that the services I provide do not diagnose or treat illness, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical therapy. They can however include relaxation techniques and help people to know how to reduce stress levels. My expertise is derived from life experience, short courses and as a practioner.

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