Success in life 

is it simply about 

The grandure of the home one owns

or status of the car one drives?

Or could it be the ability

to cope with adversity

That is inevitably part of one's reality

Is it the extent of our articulation

Or ones achievements in Education

The size of our financial portfolio

Or the contacts we have and the people we know?

Oh - and when these things simply don’t add up

When you feel trapped by the very things they say make you free

In steps poetry

Poetry for decades has been evidenced in ways

That when we feel hopeless and undone

Has risen to overcome

Setbacks trauma and trials

Unleashed in a second or which have fostered for a while

And for many along life's way

Poetry has been the expressed expression 

That has helped people to stay

And hold on with relief and some cheer

When the band has stopped playing

When pain or shame is difficult to overcome

And one can only hear

the silent thunder of the drums

Poetry has become the umbrella in the rain

Helped me to be resolute despite the pain

Helped to undo the confusion

Create truth out of dilusion

Make sense of the idiotic

Pulled the big picture out of the microscopic

Repaired consuming family feuding

Helped ease lost love's grief

Helped caged anger to be calmly released

Resolved a growing disfunction

Released an incredible unction

To be free to explore and let the mind and chaotic 

and in fact nonchalant emotions travel

And unravell

complexities that cause stress

Could success 

be framed as finding happiness in the now and not in the morrow

The positive silver lining hiding in the bowels of the sorrow

The motivation to keep propelling

Pessimism dispelling

Is success 

Endeavouring to live out your calling

Trying again despite each failure

Or distant future based on what we can reach for

Making us poor because we then choose to ignore the richness of what weve attained before

Run free and don’t settle for less

Only you should define your success

©️ 2019 J Meade




......words can look deep into the windows of our soul

and grab a hold

of buried emotions

Eradicating lying myths and notions

Incorrect perceptions

That shape into wrong directions

Can also inspire

Can so lift you higher

Can caress

Can fill the void of loneliness

Can raise self esteem

Can bring back to life

abandoned dreams

Can make us laugh till it hurts our belly

And make our legs feel weak as jelly

Can arouse anger

And tempt lust

Can turn a friendship into dust

Can sooth

the bruised

the troubled soul

Can put back on course a shipwrecked goal

Can repair

Can change despair

Into a new song

Of joy and hope

Can help the weary one to cope

Words can cut deeper than a surgeons knife

Can cut off life

Used in evil hands

Can make demands

Taking you where you don’t want to go

Exposing what there is no need to show

Yet can whisper melodies of love in longing ears

Can dismantle haunting fears.....

©️  J  Meade  2018

Excerpt from I WANT TO KNOW YOU


......I  want to know you

The great person that lives inside

The real you not the one that 

I’m speaking and relating to

I want to know the mind 

The great

That shapes

Your character traits

Your kindness

Your love

Your triumphs

Even your defiance 

Things that make you laugh



Your flaws

Things that cause

You to want to make a difference

I want to listen to your heart beat

You may have designer shoes on your feet

But where do those feet walk you to?

What obstacles have you walked through?

What walls of adversity have you overcome?

What races have you fallen behind in yet pursued even if you haven’t won?

I don’t want to know what you have or

what you can give me mterialistically

These things will fade and cannot go beyond the grave

I want to know what legacy you‘ll leave in me

Coming from generations of the Kings and Queens of our history

The scientists inventors and leaders from the past 

Who did not stay silent but burned a trail

So you could stand tall and laugh

At those who say you can’t

Who left a trail to remind you

That no one should define you

So when you say “Take a look at me”

You aren’t saying it with your lips

You’re not announcing it with your hips

It’s not your muscles that will make me stare

It’s the aura you leave in the atmosphere

A sense of progression

A sense of boldness


Empowering me

Encouraging me

To grab a hold of my destiny

A sense of you compelling and pushing me

Helping me to realise my dreams as a reality....

©️  J Meade  2018