“A Rewarding Experience”


I have benefitted from Jessica Meade's skill and talent as a poetry health coach for many, many years. She has a knack for using words to inspire, uplift, encourage and motivate you so you feel energised and ready to move forward on anything. I've found her work useful for helping me to think about and connect with life on an emotional level, and to deal with stress! Jessica is truly good at what she does and what she offers works.

D  Roberts

Journalist & Editor

I found it a rewarding experience. I felt I could express myself through poetry in a way I couldn't do with adult/s on a 1:1. The session taught me the power of my own words and to take ownership of them. The coach was enthusiastic and showed enormous conviction for poetry and helping us to self heal using this medium. Now, as soon as I feel under pressure, I reach for a pen or pencil and write. I didn't realise how expressive I was. Thank you for the insight and freedom to express myself in words.

L  Ewart

Jewellery Maker & Career

“Helpful, Motivated”


Jessica is very focused and is able to help one to identify areas for growth and planning which is needed to go to the next stage. Jessica is able to point out concerns, performance and priorities. I have been able to think ,shape my programs and up coming events in a different way. Evaluate positively and build from there. Above all that Jessica is a warm, friendly, helpful, motivated person she has great creative skills and uses poetry in a unique way that is very effective.

 L Gordon

Pastor  &  Leadership  Consultant

Uplifting and inspiring!

Y  Murray

Sportswoman & retired Civil Servant